Beautiful Chaos

So, I finally admitted to myself the reason I had not been keeping up on my blog was that I had put a stipulation on my writing: Nothing can be published unless it is polished and “perfect.”

The trend nowadays, I tell myself, is to bask in imperfection. You’ve seen those family photo slideshows, where the photographer captures a family’s real life, complete with dirty dishes, toys scattered across the floor and kids covered in chocolate.

So, I’m gonna go with that. Not because I believe following a trend is the smart thing to do, but because I feel there’s a lot more behind it. There’s an acceptance. There’s a movement of moms and dads out there that say, “We’re spending way to much time on what doesn’t matter. So, go ahead, ridicule us, look at us with pity. We don’t care anymore.” And I say, good for them. I am doing my best to be of the same mindset.

And I’m starting right here, with this blog, with a willingness to post my honest feelings, quickly, as I experience them, leaving my writing imperfect and unpolished.

I truly believe readers will identify with this style. Life isn’t perfect. It’s not supposed to be. There are scrapped knees and sand-filled bathtubs, finger prints on windows and crayon marks on walls (and on TVs, in our house; yikes!). There’s not being able to eat a warm meal. There’s laundry. Dishes. And parents too tired to give baths before bed.


I want to connect with you, let you know you’re not alone in the diaper changing, kids-running-around-naked-and-covered-in-dirt world. I am here. And so are a lot of other moms and dads just like you. And, I want to say, it’s okay.

Do you feel like you need to keep floors so clean you can eat off them; have spotless dishes; organized bookshelves and landscaping so nice your home looks like the front of a magazine?

Or would you rather build skyscrapers out of LEGOs and read books to your baby, pointing out the colors and shapes? Would you rather create masterpieces out of finger paint and bake cookies in a powdery, floury mess?

Let’s do those things first and worry about the rest later – much later. Will you join me? We can help each other. One day when the kids are gone and the TV isn’t turned to Mickey Mouse or Elmo, we will regret looking back at a home not lived in, a yard not played in, a kitchen never used. We want to look back on our home, our lives, and see chaos – beautiful chaos.

Read one author’s take on the value of accepting the mess when it comes to relationships, particularly friendships, “Let Friends Past Your Pretty Porch.”. This is a lesson I’m glad I learned within the last year. The blessings you receive when allowing yourself to do as this author suggests will overwhelm you. It did me. (But that’s a story for another blog post :) )

2 thoughts on “Beautiful Chaos

  1. Michael

    Beautifully stated! Life is nonstop and if we waited for everything to be perfect before committing to something, we would never get anything accomplished. Our children will never be this young again, so it is good to be reminded of how important it is to enjoy life, even when there are messes and accidents. Your honest thoughts and feelings are appreciated and inspiring!

  2. Michael

    Nicely stated. It is easy to focus on the nonstop daily routine and to also try and keep things clean. But, our kids will never be this young again. So, it is important to occasionally ignore the messes and enjoy life with them! Your thoughts are appreciated and inspiring!


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