Just like Daddy

My oldest son has become obsessed with the lawn, just like his father. At first, I found it amusing.

His grandmother was at our house one day last week, so he was distracted with helping her get supper started. Completely unaware that his dad was getting the riding lawn mower out of the shed, cleaning it off and gassing it up, he continued with his full concentration on Grandma.

But the devastation was evident in his little mind as soon as he heard that mower rev up. HIS DADDY WAS GOING TO MOW THE YARD WITHOUT HIM!

This kid loves being outside. He doesn’t care if he’s walking around the yard talking to himself. He’d rather be there than ANYWHERE else. And mowing the yard? Well, it’s only one of the most exciting things you could be doing, you know, when you’re 4 and outside.

So when he saw his dad heading down the front yard on the mower, he went into complete meltdown mode. Panic ensued. Distraught, he ran out the door, trying to get his dad’s attention. Screaming “stop” with tears running down his rosy cheeks, he just couldn’t believe what was happening.

Of course, what’s a mom to do when her 4 year old thinks the world is ending? Fix it, of course. Since his attempts to flag down Daddy were unsuccessful, I dropped what I was doing, gave Grandma the baby and got his attention myself.

Matthew suspected what was going on before he even got back up to the house. He knows his son; he’s just like him. I quickly told him what was going on as he heard and saw Nathaniel standing in the garage, with that “How could you, Daddy” look.

So, they took the next logical step and retrieved his battery powered four-wheeler from the garage. Why? Because he doesn’t sit on the mower with Daddy. He “mows” behind him on his four-wheeler. He follows him – up and down the rows, left and right – until that four-wheeler’s battery has run out. We live on an acre of land, with neighboring lawns on three sides and a field behind.

Nathaniel at 17 months, watching Matthew mow.

Nathaniel at 17 months, watching Matthew mow.

Later in the week one of our neighbors was mowing his own lawn. And of course when Nathaniel is not outside and someone else is, he must find out why. It went beyond that, though. And this is where I realized there was no hope. Apparently nothing comes between a Morgan man and his lawn. He wasn’t merely interested in being outside; he was concerned with how the neighbor was mowing his lawn. He wasn’t going straight. He was too close to our trees. He thought he was encroaching on our property, mowing part of our lawn.

The neighbor was, actually, on his own property. But it was confusing, because Matthew – for good measure, and to help assure the neighbors don’t get too crazy with their mowers – mows a few extra strips, into the other yards each time.

By now, it’s easy to see why I’m not allowed to mow the lawn. Matthew is afraid of what I’ll do to it. I don’t understand it. Straight lines, length of trim, who really cares? As long as it gets done, right?

If he wants to mow, then I’ll let him. He will get no arguments from me. But understanding why the lawn is so important to him, along with the extent of care he gives it, is beyond me.

And apparently Nathaniel has inherited the same mindset as his father. For the next hour, he was running from the front door, to the back sliding glass doors, to our bedroom window, keeping a close eye on how the neighbor was mowing his lawn, worried about what effect it would have on our own.
Before realizing what was going on, I looked at Matthew, who of course couldn’t be prouder, for an explanation. When I got one, I just shook my head and smiled.

Whatever makes them happy, right? If they want to worry about straight lines and grass, then I’ll let them. There are worse things to be passionate about.

Helping Matthew mow, at 17 months old.

Helping Matthew mow, at 17 months old.

2 thoughts on “Just like Daddy

  1. Grandma Suzan

    You described it so acuratey. Fourth generation yardman. In fact, Nathaniel was at our house this past weekend and asked when grandpa was going to mow. Grandpa enjoyed reading about neighbor.


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